Smut Stone

Players: 8 000 000+
Genre: Turn-based/CCG
Languages: English, German, French, Japanese
Platform: Browser/HTML


Enjoy the best of two worlds: an immersive fun card game and juicy fantasy erotica. Get to know all the nasty secrets and desires as you bang juicy maidens and move through the eye-popping levels of the game. Enjoy incredible illustrations, sophisticated dialogs and gameplay, that will make your imagination run wild. Explore a richly illustrated alluring world filled with fragile and slutty fantasy girls, relive your nastiest fantasies in the most cutting-edge porn game you've ever seen.


Encouraged by his friends to join them at a strip club, the fearless hero of Smut Stone recognizes one of the dancers as an easy lay he enjoyed previously. Heading backstage to see if his honey is up for round two, they’re about to seal the deal when a mysterious portal opens up behind her, and she’s pulled into a fantastical world by an evil witch. Trying to save his conquest, the hero grabs a hold of his lady friend and is pulled into the portal along with her. Smut Stone is a deck building turn based fighter where insatiable girls do battle at the bidding of their master. Sure to become a fast favorite of every player looking for sexy and deep gameplay.


Diving into a mysterious portal to save a particularly sexy friend of his, a man finds himself with an army of female warriors ready to bend to his every whim. There is an army of evil doers ready to be put down for the count. The bad news is that the enemy forces have a bevy of attractive full frontal babes ready to take any challengers down. Slutstone features expertly illustrated cards to do battle with. A number of card types exist, with full frontal nudity in a fantasy setting. There are nympho elementals with little modesty, and thigh high clad thieves, corseted lion tamers, and plenty more! Featuring sensual sounds as an enemy female is put down for good, the game rewards crafty players by way of a win screen featuring illustrated sex as the new master fully takes control of a conquered lady.

Smut Stone - Game Story 1
Cunt wars - Game Story 2


Smutstone - Alisa


Smutstone - Adventuress


Smutstone - Snow White

Snow White

Smutstone - Fencer



Smut Stone features an easy to learn system that should be familiar to players of similar games, but involves deep strategy, and of course plenty of naked women. Players choose three cards from their collection to place against three cards played by the villains. Cards then automatically duke it out, and when a card has been defeated, it leaves an open lane to attack either the player or the main enemy head on. As enemies are bested, cards are revealed and given, and more choices become available. Coins are also earned, and are able to purchase new cards and abilities outright. Each match requires energy to spent, which refills over time, or can be purchased. As female warriors are gained in the form of cards, they are introduced to a harem, where a deck can then be built from available insatiable ladies.

Smutstone - Game play 3
Smutstone - Game play 4
Smutstone - Game play 2

As a deck can only contain a certain number of cards (7), a player can cut and add cards to and from their harem in between battles. Three cards are chosen by random from each deck, at the start of each battle. A daring master is followed from battle to battle by harem and deck as power ratings rise, and enemies become more and more formidable. But as the tension mounts, so do the rewards.

Smutstone - Game play 5
Smutstone - Game play 6

Key Features:

  • Sensual Sounds of Girl on Girl Combat
  • Intuitive Card Combat Mechanics
  • Fully Nude Artwork
  • Hardcore Illustrations
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