Dirty League


Players: 1 150 000+
Genre: Match-3 game with RPG elements
Languages: English
Platform: Browser


This match-3 game with an RPG style is set in a fantastical environment filled with bloodthirsty enemies and danger around every turn. Your goal is to penetrate the mystical prison and rescue helpless maidens who would be forever grateful! However, you can't just use sheer brawn to retrieve these beauties; you'll also be required to use your brain. The only way to get past the main boss and free these vulnerable vaginas is to think fast. Once you've defeated the main boss, the maidens will join your harem. As part of your harem, they can grow and learn as you enhance their treats and provide voluptuous magic toys.


The name of the game is simple. Save the babes. These bare-bodied bimbos are waiting in a mystical prison. Form and enhance your squad to prepare them for glory. Then, climb the tower of terror to free tempting maidens who will be in your debt. Each stage is more difficult than the last but more rewarding. Not only are the orgies more intense the higher you get, but the prizes become far more lucrative. Who will save these innocent chicks? Are you ready?


This game has everything you love in a classic match-3 RPG type game, but with some hot twists and lovely turns. You're cast into a dark, enigmatic world, full of mystery and passion. Do you want to chase mystery or passion? The 15 stage tower of terror will witness all of the fierce battles and steamy scenes. Climbing up the tower is your ultimate goal. If you master the art of the magical stones to laying damage, you'll be able to ascend the tower quicker, but don't fool yourself. Every stage you ascend, the rewards become more worthwhile, and we're not just talking gold and silver, but the orgies and heroines become far more enticing. To keep things spicy in the tower of terror, themed events will pop up, allowing you to earn massive prizes and enjoy the kinkiest sex.


Character 1

Character 2

Character 3

Character 4


Like any match-3 game, you'll have to connect pieces to the puzzle, or in this case, the magical stones. However, your harem sits on the left side, waiting to attack. Each of your heroines has an assigned color, with specific traits and talents, which may be more useful against particular opponents.

Dirty League - Game play 1
Dirty League - Game play 2
Dirty League - Game play 3
Dirty League - Game play 4

The idea is to quickly match the proper colors that will enhance your heroines' powers to more swiftly defeat the enemy!

Dirty League - Game play 5
Dirty League - Game play 6

Key Features:

  • Full Frontal and hardcore nudity
  • Intriguing battles
  • Sophisticated battle mechanics
  • Satisfying orgies
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