Booty Heroes

Booty Heroes

Players: 100 000+
Genre: Merge
Languages: English
Platform: RPG


Embark on a quest to save the realm of the One World from despair! Prove yourself as the true Chosen One, unravel hidden mysteries, and gather valuable resources to enhance your team of sexy and daring heroines. They possess the ability to not only defeat foes with their powers but also captivate them with their irresistible charm... and great boobs! Brace yourself for an immersive idle RPG adventure teeming with excitement, enigma, humor, and erotic pleasure. Will you be able to restore the glory of pleasure in the One World?


Welcome to the United World - where the Goddess of Love reigns! But tragedy has struck, and our beloved deity has vanished. It's up to you to explore every nook of this spellbound realm, along with its magical factions of Darkness, Light, Chaos, Order, Life, and Death, to uncover her whereabouts. You'll discover portals to fascinating worlds like the Cursed Wastelands, where you'll encounter clans full of cum-thirsty maidens. Don't let their enchanting charm distract you from saving the United World and all its wonders. Let the adventure begin!


In the heart of the One World, a desperate plea echoes through the land. The Goddess of Love and Pleasure disappeared, and orgasms left with her. How dire could the situation truly be? When pleasure fades, a cascade of tension and hostility sweeps the land, igniting ceaseless conflicts. In a realm steeped in enchantment and inhabited by alluring women, the brink of destruction looms large. The pursuit of climax and ecstasy drives the souls of all. It falls upon you to aid these captivating women, for you may be the sole bringer of their orgasms. Each enigma unraveled and every artifact uncovered brings you one step closer to your ultimate quest: to return the Goddess and the restoration of pleasure to this world. It's time to reignite the flames of pleasure and watch them bloom anew!


Character 1

Character 2

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Character 4


Venture into a spicy idle RPG journey as you build a team of sultry maidens to help you restore Amura's glory. With each triumphant battle, you'll upgrade your babes and unlock new powers to tackle the next challenge that lies ahead. Collect valuable essence, gold, spirit, artifacts, and experience points to outsmart and overpower your cunning opponents. Crush them into submission, and prepare for the ultimate showdown of strength and skill, by wielding your magical cock and cum-hungry maidens. Crush another player from all over the world, dominate the One World, and get rewards from insatiable horny girls who would love to reward you for restoring pleasure again!

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