Fap Titans

Fap Titans

Players: 18 000 000+
Genre: Idler, RPG
Languages: English, Russian, German, Chinese
Platform: Browser


Recruit babes who are both skilled in battle and insatiable in the bed to rid the kingdom of the ugliest creatures. Test your skills and become the fighter you were always meant to be. And don’t worry, you won’t be alone. Choose from the horniest warriors who will aid you in your butt-kicking quest. From shy virgin sharpshooters to wild swordfighters who are ready for a good plowing at the drop of a hat. These dirty chicks will fight by your side and join you for a good old rolling in the hay. Enjoy the juiciest hentai stories and the band of beautifully crafted maidens, who will tease your imaginations and leave you wanting more.


In Fap Titans, players are transported to a magical realm full of sexy babes and hideous monsters. Some of the enemies manage to be both at one time. Fight oozing slime monsters and sex-starved evil fairies with incredible bodies. A bevy of hentai girls with curves stand ready to aid in battle. These ladies are called heroes, and they can be upgraded and made stronger! Victory is a click away, and the game can be played one handed.


Fap Titans involves frantic click-based combat sure to hook players. As enemies grow stronger and more dastardly, more clicks are needed to defeat them. The faster one clicks, the faster the bad guys go down. Of course, another springs up in their place, and the cycle starts again. Fap Titans is an addictive and fun game featuring a harem of sexy anime girls sure to entice. Check out the babes, and click the monsters into oblivion. Each click adds up to a higher level, and as the levels are progressed, coin is earned. Use the coin to hire new babes to aid in battle, and level up the girls that are already helping. With a great reward-based gameplay challenge, Fap Titans is sure to keep the horniest gamers playing (one handed!) for a long, long time.


Fap Titans - Miura Arisu

Miura Arisu

Fap Titans - Murayama Fumiko

Murayama Fumiko

Fap Titans - Mihara Masako

Mihara Masako

Fap Titans - Osada Ayako

Osada Ayako


In a mystical and fantastical world, evil monsters attack and are driven back by sexy, slutty heroes. Each female hero has a different set of perks and abilities which can aid in taking down even the toughest enemy.

Fap Titans - Game play 1
Fap Titans - Game play 2
Fap Titans - Game play 3
Fap Titans - Game play 4

Heroes are represented by sexily drawn anime babes, clad in revealing outfits that hide nothing. Each honey has a unique body style and shape, along with hair style and eye color, so anyone can find a favorite. However, that favorite is sure to change as more cuties are unlocked in an effort to help the player triumph over evil.

Fap Titans - Game play 5
Fap Titans - Game play 2

Key Features:

  • Click Based Monster Fighting
  • Level Up Progression
  • Amazingly Rendered Enemies
  • Incredible Art of Sexy Babe Heroes
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