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Venus hostage

Venus hostage - story 1


From Russia with love, this intriguing adult game is here to dazzle your senses and make you feel amazing with the help of a kinky combination between sex and adventure along some very interesting characters, both males and females.


The story is about Jack (the main character of the game) and his girl, who's name is not mentioned. The whole story is about the relation between them and some other things that are interfering with their relation.

Venus hostage - story 1
Venus hostage - Story 2


The game play of Venus Hostage is very simple and intuitive.

Venus hostage - Game play 3
Venus hostage - Game play 4
Venus hostage - Game play 2
Venus hostage - Game play 1

Key Features:

  • Good design
  • Intriguing plots
  • Easy Game play
  • Very short
  • Lack of customizable features