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Taimanin asagi

Taimanin asagi - story 1


A fairly average sex game with a very interesting and intriguing game plot, one which will make the user to really feel aroused by the sex scenes and intrigued to find out more about the main characters.


The story of this intriguing sex game is very simple but also demanding, with lots of sex scenes and plenty of girls which will drive you crazy throughout the game advance.

Taimanin asagi - story 1
Taimanin asagi - Story 2


Very easy to play because the easy to open and download settings as well as the developer's features, Taimanin Asagi is the type of game any adult content seeker should play.

Taimanin asagi - Game play 3
Taimanin asagi - Game play 4
Taimanin asagi - Game play 2
Taimanin asagi - Game play 1

Key Features:

  • Pretty good artwork
  • Some of the HCGs are animated
  • Suited for guys with sadistic tastesё
  • The music is poor
  • Some elements are banned