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Tactics Elemental

Tactics Elemental - story 1


One truly great platform where you can try your tactics hentai skills by playing a wonderful adult game with a progressively long story line.


In this game you have to defend the kingdom of Nowhere from all sort of villains which come in many forms and shapes.

Tactics Elemental - story 1
Tactics Elemental - Story 2


All you have to do is connect to the game’s platform and start build your army of heroes which will fight along side to save your rave for the evil villains.

Tactics Elemental - Game play 3
Tactics Elemental - Game play 4
Tactics Elemental - Game play 2
Tactics Elemental - Game play 1

Key Features:

  • Easy to play
  • Great graphics
  • Great female characters
  • Plenty of hentai sex scenes

  • Easy to understand and play

  • Fast loading