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Second life

Second life - story 1


One of the most intriguing virtual sex game which allows players to experience almost any type of kink in a virtual world that's packed with thousands of other players.


The story in this game is pretty basic and particular. You choose your avatar, customize your settings and appearance then you head into the virtual world where you will find a lot of locations and many other virtual players, each with their own avatar.

Second life - story 1
Second life - Story 2


Playing this game is quite simple and intuitive. And just like any other virtual sex dating game, you will need a customized avatar in order to make yourself visible to other players.

Second life - Game play 3
Second life  - Game play 4
Second life - Game play 2
Second life - Game play 1

Key Features:

  • Multiple customization features
  • Great graphics
  • Unlimited adult kinks
  • Free at the beginning
  • Eventually costs money