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Kunoichi botan

Kunoichi botan - story 1


Step into the world of adventure and lust along one of the hottest Kunoichi in her village.


The story of this game is quite an intriguing one. Botan is a sexy and very intelligent Kunoichi and her master has just been captured by evil forces which are also harming her village. Her abilities and her good looks will surely count in the quest of saving her martial arts master.

Kunoichi botan - story 1
Kunoichi botan - Story 2


Playing Kunoichi Botan is quite simple as the game is a RPG type one, with all the instructions displayed on the screen under the form of visual chats with the other characters of the game.

Kunoichi botan - Game play 3
Kunoichi botan  - Game play 4
Kunoichi botan - Game play 2
Kunoichi botan - Game play 1

Key Features:

  • Great graphics
  • Intriguing plot
  • PC game, easy to load
  • Lots of roleplaying
  • Not too many options