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Kill la Kill

Cover - Kill la Kill


Perhaps you didn’t know, but Kill la Kill is an EXTREMELY popular anime series.


The plot in this one is paper-thin, but that’s just something you’ll have to deal with, okay?

Kill la Kill - stories 1
Kill la Kill - stories 2


As far as the gameplay itself goes, everything is just as simple. You’re the one who controls the tentacles that are pleasuring Ryūko.

Kill la Kill - game play 1
Kill la Kill - game play 2
Kill la Kill - game play 3
Kill la Kill - game play 4
Kill la Kill - game play 5

Key Features:

  • Kill la Kill porn is always great, Ryūko Matoi is a top-tier waifu
  • Perfect for people with a tentacle fetish
  • The animations are amazing
  • The game never feels boring despite limited gameplay options