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Judy Hopps

Cover - Judy Hopps


Judy Hopps is a game based on the characters from Disney’s animated hit “Zootopia”.


There’s a short dialogue at the beginning that helps set up the game.

Judy Hopps -  stories 1
Judy Hopps - stories 2


There are some plot-heavy games that kinda overlook the gameplay in favor of the plot (Booty Calls Nutaku would be a great example), but there are also some games with AWESOME gameplay and zero plot.

Judy Hopps - game play 1
Judy Hopps - game play 2
Judy Hopps - game play 3
Judy Hopps - game play 4
Judy Hopps- game play 5

Key Features:

  • Easy to play
  • Judy’s booty looks perfect
  • Furry sex games have never been this realistic