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Huniepop - story 1


Partially a dating sim and also a puzzle game, with great RPG graphics and a visual novel style representation, this game will easily become one of your favorite adult sex games on the internet.


The game is simple and highly intuitive, with a pretty intriguing story behind it.

Huniepop - story 1
Huniepop - Story 2


The game is very simple to play and you basically need to solve some puzzles in order to unlock female characters and date them.

Huniepop - Game play 3
Huniepop - Game play 4
Huniepop - Game play 2
Huniepop - Game play 1

Key Features:

  • Easy to play
  • Intuitive RPG like features
  • A fun combination between a puzzle and a dating Sim
  • You have to purchase the game at one point
  • Doesn't always works for Linux users