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Hentai Key 1

Cover - Hentai Key 1


It was somewhat overlooked at the launch, so we are trying our best to make you care about it all of a sudden – Hentai Key 1 is one of the most underrated releases in recent memory.



Truth be told, you should NOT expect Summertime Saga porn esque plot from this one.

Hentai Key 1 - stories 1
Hentai Key 1 - stories 2


Right from the jump, you are presented with several options – STOP, LICK, LICK MORE, SUCK HEAD, SUCK DEEPER, SUCK DEEPER!, DEEPTHROAT, and the ever-popular DEEPTHROAT!

Hentai Key 1 - game play 1
Hentai Key 1 - game play 2
Hentai Key 1 - game play 3
Hentai Key 1 - game play 4
Hentai Key 1 - game play 5

Key Features:

  • The Hentai Key girl is really sexy
  • POV blowjob feels immersive
  • The game is short and straight to the point