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Harem heroes

Harem heroes - story 1


For those who love the adventure games with a little bit of spice in it and also, who love watching monstergirl doing naughty things in intimate scenes, this game is a real delight and it will offer the exact feeling for those willing to play it.


One truly intriguing story line which is focused around the main character, David, a member of the Golden Cross who will fight along his brother and two other men to outcast the normal society.

Harem heroes - story 1
Harem heroes - Story 2


Very easy to play and highly intuitive, thanks to the developers key features and graphics, the Harem Heroes will provide a smashing experience to anyone willing to try this adult sex game.

Harem heroes - Game play 3
Harem heroes - Game play 4
Harem heroes - Game play 2
Harem heroes - Game play 1

Key Features:

  • Great graphics
  • Loads fast and well
  • Reliable platform
  • Intriguing plot
  • The sex scenes are not that explicit
  • Nobody knows how David woke up