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Crystal maidens

Сrystal maidens - story 1


A truly fun and addicting +18 lewd fantasy RTS/RPG – TGG which can provide the much desires sensations each gamer seeks in adult games.


New content and new maidens added in regular updates, with easy layout and intuitive specs.

Сrystal maidens - story 1
Сrystal maidens - Story 2


Connect to the browser game directly on your PC, easily access the platform and start playing with ease.

Сrystal maidens - Game play 3
Сrystal maidens  - Game play 4
Сrystal maidens - Game play 2
Сrystal maidens - Game play 1

Key Features:

  • Top graphics
  • Top artwork, design
  • Tons of maidends to get laid with
  • Easy and simple controls
  • On higher levels it takes longer to build your harem
  • Battles may seem a bit odd at first